How to Avoid the 5 Major Reasons for Home Water Leaks

Stop Small Leaks from Becoming a Big Problem

Water leaks can be a menace inside of your home. If you have a leak, the water can cause destruction within minutes. In the unfortunate case where you are not home to catch the problem, the situation can quickly escalate. Water sitting for hours will start to destroy your furniture and flooring. Water that lingers for days leads to warped wood, fungi growth, and musty odors that are hard to eliminate. Mold can also rapidly take root, which leads to even more severe concerns. The majority of water leak incidents come from the following five causes. The ServiceMaster Restore® team wants to be sure you are aware of them and are ready to protect your property.

Water Leaks Caused by Faulty Appliances

The older an appliance, the more susceptible it is to leakage. Hoses disintegrate and will eventually rupture. Pipes rust and then fracture. Dishwashers, washing machines, refrigerators, toilets, and water heaters are all vulnerable. If you spot water in or around one of these appliances, don’t just wipe it up and walk away. The odds are good that there is water pooling where you can’t see it. Look for the root cause and either repair or replace the appliance as soon as you can.

Water Leaks Caused by Burst Pipes

There are many places in a home where a pipe can burst. In the worst-case scenario, it’s a rusty, old one in the walls that require extensive work to fix. However, it is more common to see leaks in pipes leading to places like your toilets, showers, sinks, or garbage disposal. High water pressure can be a trigger, even in newer homes. Freezing pipes are a huge problem in places with extreme winter temperatures. It is critical you check your house for water from broken pipes regularly. Early detection is often the difference between a minor inconvenience and a significant expense.

HVAC Systems

An often-overlooked source of water damage is a home’s air conditioner. These units must be regularly maintained. If neglected, the drain line can clog or, worse, moisture buildup inside the unit can lead to mold growth.

Water Leaks Caused by Sewer Problems

A sewer backup can happen after a major storm rolls through when excess water overwhelms the system. Tree root growth is also a significant contributor to sewer problems when they grow deep enough to block the pipes. Annual maintenance should be performed by a trained professional to clean out your lines and inspect for any possible problems.

Human Beings

All it can take is a couple of careless minutes for a running faucet to lead to disaster. Don’t leave unattended water running in the tub or sink. Keep an ear out for running toilets. Once the parts inside start to break down, the flush cycle will noticeably change. To combat these situations, know where the water supplies are and be ready to turn off the water if problems arise.

Even the most vigilant homeowner can’t prevent all leaks. If the unthinkable happens, contact ServiceMaster Restore®. Our team has a wealth of experience dealing with all manner of water leak situations. We will work with you to tailor a restoration plan that gets your home back to normal fast.