Getting Mold out of the Bathroom

Mold in the Bathroom

Mold loves the bathroom. The naturally wet and often dark spaces are breeding grounds for the unwanted fungus. Even a little patch can quickly grow into a big problem. While unsightly, the main issue with mold is the health risks. Things like asthma, allergy-like respiratory symptoms, skin irritation, headaches, and nausea can all be triggered by mold in your home. Prevention is the first line of defense to protect your family. These tips from the ServiceMaster Restore® team will get you started.

Preventing Mold in the Bathroom

Moisture is the main problem any homeowner has to deal with when combating mold in the bathroom. Every square inch can provide a home for the fungus. Water on the walls, windows, tile, grout, and shower curtain or door is an invitation for it to grow. Leaky plumbing from your toilets and sinks can also be a problem. Anywhere with standing water needs to be addressed. Fortunately, there are some basic steps to take that can help:

1.    Ventilation is a crucial strategy to keep mold at bay. When using the bathtub, turn on the fan or, if the weather is nice, open a window. Keeping the air circulating for at least a half-hour after you are done will cause the room to dry more quickly.  

2.    Even air circulation will take a while to get rid of all the moisture. When the last person is finished taking a shower or bath for the day, wipe down the tile and grout to give the drying process a kick start.

3.    Pay attention to your shower curtain. Use only those that are certified to be mildew resistant and wash it once a month. If your bathroomwindows have curtains, make sure they are resistant to mildew as well.

4.    Bathmats are a sneaky place where mold will attack. Wash them regularly and don’t put them back until they are completely dry.

5.    Be vigilant to check for leaks around your toilet and sink. Remedy or repair any that you find straight away.

6.    Damp laundry and towels are like a welcome mat for mold. Don’t leave them on the floor.

Removing Mold from the Bathroom

Despite best efforts, sometimes mold will still sneak in. The telltale black spots are frequently the first sign, but a musty smell or allergic reaction can also be an indication of trouble. If you think your bathroom is harboring mold, inspect the space thoroughly. It could be growing in your pipes, under the sink, around the shower door, even in the exhaust fan. If you don’t find anything, but the symptoms are there, you may still have an infestation. If you spot or suspect it, don’t try to deal with the situation on your own. Mold spores can easily spread if not handled properly. Call in professionals to safely and effectively tackle the problem.

At ServiceMaster Restore, we are always available to handle mold in your home. Our experts have undergone exhaustive training and have years of experience in mold remediation. Using state of the art equipment, our team will efficiently find and treat mold to get your bathroom back to normal fast.