6 Ways to Prevent Mold Growth in Winter

How to Limit Mold Growth in Winter

Homeowners should not let their guard down when it comes to mold growth just because the temperature has dropped. Mold loves to grow in and around homes in the wintertime just as much as in the warmer temperatures of summer. However, the causes of mold growth in the winter are different than in other seasons. The ServiceMaster Restore® team has put together a list of ways to keep your home free of this unsightly and dangerous menace in the colder months.

Control Indoor Humidity

The most effective way to stop mold from growing in your home in winter is to keep the humidity level as low as possible. Anything under 45% is usually an effective deterrent. If the humidity levels in your home are higher than this, look for the source of the problem as soon as you can. Moisture is likely leaking into a specific room or area of your home. If you cannot immediately find the source, use a dehumidifier to lower the moisture level to control the situation.

Inspect the Danger Zones for Mold Growth

Mold loves the parts of your home where the temperature is the lowest. This includes places like the attic, basement, crawlspaces, and around windows. Keep these areas as moisture-free as possible.

Look for Leaks

Water leaking from a damaged roof or broken pipes is an invitation for mold to RSVP its way into your home. Any noticeable leaks should be repaired immediately. Sometimes the cost of doing so may be prohibitive, such as if an old roof needs to be replaced. If this is the case, have a licensed professional provide remediation, such as placing a tarp over the damaged area, until the underlying cause can be addressed.

Reverse Your Ceiling Fans

In the summertime, ceiling fans should turn counterclockwise to provide cooling airflow. In the winter, that direction should be reversed, usually by a switch on the fan unit. The clockwise motion will draw the colder air upwards and push warmer air downwards. This motion will prevent condensation from building up and keep your family warmer too.

Run Your Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are often found in the kitchen, bathroom, and other places in your home that attract moisture. Running these fans will promote airflow to prevent sitting moisture from staying around long enough to transform itself into a mold.

Keep Your Gutters Clear

Dead leaves and other debris in gutters will cause water to pool. Mold growth is almost guaranteed in this environment. Keep your gutters clear so the water can flow freely. Also, take the time to inspect the gutter system and verify water moves away from your home’s foundation. Water pooling around the foundation is another major contributor to mold growth.

What if Mold Growth Still Occurs

Despite best efforts, sometimes mold still finds its way inside a home. If you see this happening, the experts at ServiceMaster Restore® are here to solve the problem. Mold removal requires the right approach to get rid of the growth both comprehensively and safely. We will develop a mold removal plan to efficiently eradicate the unwanted guest from your home as quickly as possible.